Obsessive packing

Look away now & wait for the next blog entry if you are likely to be bored senseless by a detailed account of packing lists, weights & musings on same. If not, geek on …

My naked body (c. 70Kg – a pre-walk haircut will barely register) will be transporting the following non-food & water items:

This is what I will be wearing (bottom to top!)

2018-03-09 17.02.08.jpg

  • Merrell MOAB boots, inclusive of gel insoles 1160g
  • Pair green Bridgedale socks 75g
  • Ron Hill tracksters 210g
  • RAB merino boxers 65g
  • Blue regatta full zip lightweight fleece 355g
  • Blue regatta micro fleece 205g
  • Black Paramo Long sleeve base layer 210g
  • Clear glass spectacles 30g
  • All above total: 2325 +-15g

I will be carrying this lot:

  • Osprey Talon 33 rucksack (somehow losing 15g after a wash & reproof. There was at least one small pebble): 920g

Basic accessories

  • Sunglasses and hard case 140g (a day walk using a cloth bag to save 90g was not a success: a gust of wind kited bag & glasses off a picnic table. Specs & bag parted company, glasses hit ground lens first, leaving a scratch, bag disappeared out of sight 20m down the Monsal Trail).
  • 4l drybag holding washing gear & first aid and electrics bag – inclusive weight 1020g
  • Washing gear & first aid: toilet roll, microtowel, titanium spork, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush & sulcabrush, plasters, sunblock, small scissors, sewing kit, tick-extractor tool
  • Electrics bag: tissues 20g, Kindle 165g, USB charger plug 40g (replaced a 65g foldable), battery pack 205g, cables 25g, torch 20g, backup phone 75g, pen 10g, & yellow holding bag 45g (it has eyes to ward off thieves)
  • iPhone & case 145g
  • Compass & whistle 45g
  • Map case and stage maps 100g
  • Money belt, basic contents 85g
  • Tesco carrier bag 30g
  • This section total: 1480g


  • Fizan compact walking poles, pair 370g
  • Platypus water carrier 40g
  • Montane further-faster polartec waterproof jacket 445g, inside 4l drybag to total 470g
  • Berghaus Gore-tex Paclite Overtrousers Black 230g
  • 10l green dry sac 55g hols the following:
  • Sealskins waterproof socks* 115g
  • RAB merino long johns 120g
  • Paramo Long sleeve base layer, blue 200g
  • RAB merino boxers 65g
  • Stop-Wind gloves (teal trim) 100g
  • Balaclava 35g
  • Kalengi gloves (thin, inner) 30g
  • Sun hat wide brim 75g
  • Pair green Bridgedale socks (missing from picture) 75g
  • Craghoppers “Nosilife”, thin, charcoal, trousers 285g
  • Midge hood 25g
  • This section total:1700g

Camping equipment:

  • Mini rucksack doubling as tent- bag 70g
  • Nemo Hornet 1 person tent (inclusive of pegs, peg & pole bags, 3 guy ropes/ spare laces, footprint aka groundsheet) 1025g, but weighed with mini rucksack 1100g
  • Neoair sleeping mat, including repair kit 390g
  • Lightwave (Firelight 450?) sleeping bag 770g
  • Compression sac for sleeping bag 90g (without this, the bag takes up more space, requiring a bigger rucksack)
  • Drybag/pumpsac (for inflating sleeping mat), holding sleeping bag 50g
  • Billy can 2 part set 275g
  • Mini primus 75g
  • Grey cloth, sponge & lighter 25g
  • Gas cylinder 250g
  • Total camping: 3025g

The whole lot (clothing & all, omitting the rucksack) fits in a large carrier bag:

Total weight added to naked body: 9450g. (20lb, 13oz)

Carrying on back (ie: minus worn clothing & boots): 7125g, or  15 pounds, 11oz

What joy if I could dispense with the camping gear that comprises over 3Kg of the total. I am planning to omit cooking equipment until Callander, so a saving of 625g until then. (Let’s just geek on until the end here. That makes a carrying total of : 6500g, 14lb 5oz)

===== One day later =====

*Darn it: new waterproof socks are longer than the ones they replace and 150g instead of 115g (+35g)

Currently preoccupied with the thought of replacing the “Nosilife” trousers (285g), with second pair of Ron’s (210g)  for a 75g reduction.

Did I mention ‘obsessive’? Several Kg already shaved off kit in last couple of years: primarily with modern rucksack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, poles. More recently: waterproofs, boots, tent, camping stove & cans. Since then it’s been a few grams at a time: fleece, glasses case, trousers-selection, torch.

Most experimental has been lightweight boots. Two pairs of canvas boots: one used on an Appenines trip, one in Austria , started falling apart less than 18 months after purchase. For this trip I chose the mixed leather & canvas Merrell MOAB (if it doesn’t mean ‘mother of all boots’, why?) after reading good online reviews. A pity all such reviews tend to be written by people wearing them as new. You really need a review after 12 months use. A solid pair of worn-in leather boots “Hanwag Tatra” (1705g) are ready to be posted in case of disappointment.

Best organisational change: waterproof stuff bags of varying sizes replacing black bin liners & carrier bags.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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