Day 01 – Lizard to Porthleven

25th March 2018

Weather: Sunshine all day. Cold breeze until midday.

Distance: 28km, apparently. But that’s what you get for running up every promontory & headland.

Terrain: Easy coastal path (ie: up & down a lot, but no problems), very muddy in places and with surface water first half of day.

A fabulous start. Set off 07.50. Lizard Point doesn’t come with a signpost, but I got as close to the official coordinates spot as safety dictated a few minutes later.

Clear air, views for miles along the coast to St Michael’s mount & Penzance. Lots of rocky headlands, cliffs &, once the tide had receded, beaches.

Toasted ciabatta on Poldhu beach at 1.30. Lots of surfers & families out, but I met no one before 11.

Church Cove- a church tucked in behind a rock. Artisan stonemason at work in the 1850s, graffiti & carved rafters inside.

Approaching Gunwalloe Cove & anticipating walking the beach of Porthleven sands as a more attractive option than climbing up yet another cliff path, I checked the tide tables online (pause to marvel at the existence of the ability to do this) to find low tide was 5.30, so safe. The waves did still wash in close to the beautifully banded rocks … fun!

The disappointment of the day was the diversion at Loe Bar. I had been forewarned yesterday, but the website said “adds 3/4 mile to the route”. I would say 2 miles, and lots of slippery mud.

Porthleven, with its crescent of neatly painted houses above the harbour (not pictured, unfortunately) was reached at 5.15.

Selfie at Lizard Point

People: Met the volunteer wardens on the path after Mullion Cove -stopped for a chat. First Dave, & after photographing the white flower, Richard.

My Airbnb host Lone who recommended two restaurants, both of which, unfortunately were closed on Sundays. Welcoming, concerned the room may be cold, which it wasn’t with its lovely warm duvet.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Day 01 – Lizard to Porthleven”

  1. Lovely pictures, weather has been awful in Hampshire over the past month, normally we don’t get too much rain, ( that’s what I love about being here) but snow and rain for 5 weeks I want my money back!
    On our chalky clay soil makes gardening hard. Today we had a glimmer of sun and a pinch of blue sky. After 4 months rehearsal sang the Messiah this evening, last time I did this I was at school, not bad for a village.

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  2. Hi Cary. Fabulous day! Couldn’t resist trying to find out what the white flower is… Maybe: Cochlearia officinalis, (or Common Scurvygrass, ‘scurvy-grass’ and ‘spoonwort’) is a flowering plant of the genus Cochlearia in the family Brassicaceae. The plant acquired its common name from the observation that it cured scurvy, and it was taken on board ships in dried bundles or distilled extracts. Its very bitter taste was usually disguised with herbs and spices; however, this did not prevent scurvygrass drinks and sandwiches becoming a popular fad in the UK until the middle of the nineteenth century, when citrus fruits became more readily available.
    Good luck!


    1. As I took the photo I was thinking something along the lines of “ If Sue was here, she would know what it was”
      You do know this means it will only encourage me to post more flower pics?


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