Day 04 St. Just to Zennor

28th March 2018

Weather: Left just after a shower (with rainbow). Predominantly sunshine all day. A cold wind, and occasionally clouded over.

The first man-made feature of the day was Ballowall Barrow – a chambered cairn.

Lots of sea cliff views again today- this being Cape Cornwall from South:

This from the North (Kenidjack)

I vaguely recall from early 1990s, the St Just area being strewn with derelict mine buildings and spoil mess.

Clearly some restoration work has been done. A car park hinted at the NT Levant Mine museum.

I sat & munched fig rolls watching an interesting video: a very rich mine of copper, tin, arsenic, some silver & gold. Sited on known ancient deposits, the “Zawn” features of Cornish coast indicates where sea erosion has cut through ore deposits. This mine followed the seams underground, under the sea!

But the mess remains:

Coastal ups & downs followed, and much trial by mud. Considerable stretches of water and mud-hopping. Sophie had warned me, but I had assumed it would be no worse than I had already experienced (calf slurry excepted).

Gurnard Head:

Boots still resisting ingress, but I wonder for how long: they look like old-timers after just 4 days.

Porthglaze Cove, the last before turning into Zennor

Accommodation here:

Comfy room at The White House (owned by next door Tinners Arms). Lots of people in the pub, but disappearing off elsewhere for the night.

I found Jackie’s mermaid (in the Tinners Arms)

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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