Day 05 Zennor to Hayle

29th March 2018

Weather: Rain at breakfast as forecast. Set off 9.15, taking a couple of showers until sunshine from 10.00 until a couple of light showers again 14:30. Heavy showers 16:00-18:00

A slow breakfast, knowing the forecast would stop the rain before 10. The company detained me anyway:

Caught my packed-up self “The man in Black” in the hallway mirror: (back pocket protruding with food box, gloves & water). Yes, there’s a change of clothes, sleeping bag, tent, sleeping mat & food in that small pack.

Had a brief visit to the church mermaid.

Then set off towards Zennor Hill. (Inland, not coastal route. Sitting cosily at home map-planning, a walk over Access Land to visit sites of Ancient Settlements as a change from the coastal route seemed a good idea)

If yesterday was hard walking, today was positively hostile. Access Land doesn’t guarantee accessibility! A promising path uphill deteriorated into a thrash through gorse and bramble, at 220m reaching a cluster of rocks with seaward views.

An easier path across to Zennor Hill, some pancaked rocks (is Logan Stone a generic name around here?).

Then a plodge along water-filled trenches through the densely packed gorse and bramble, tearing at my waterproof trousers. Reached some rocks above Sperris Quoit. Old habitation or mine spoil?

After a couple of onward feints at the mud-filled narrow gap between gorse recently traversed by a mountain bike, towards Trendrine Hill, I gave up. Retreating and eventually reaching a wider path that was a 1.5 mile bog-trot.

Back on boring farm tracks was a relief, for a brief while

A bridleway between Trelocke and Gorran was a veritable Krypton Factor challenge: a double-walled track full of water & mud.

A couple of escapes into fields (climbing a 2m wall!), narrow side-traverses and one miraculous both-poles-in-water-feet-uphill traverse… I somehow managed not to soak my feet.

I fear my boots are done waterproof: the gorse pricked my skin through the Goretex trousers, and I guess the boots have suffered similarly.

I haven’t had so much fun since the long trek back from Braeriach to Glen Feshie last August and felt relieved I did not have a less- experienced companion who may have despaired. I hope tramping the tracks of Exmoor will be drier, or I shall be despairing myself.

(Written in a cafe, Griggs Quay, Lelant, sitting out a prolonged heavy shower 15:40 -16:50 ish. Felafal & Halloumi burger and two cups hot chocolate. I had barely stopped, apart from gear faffs all day. The going was slow)

The plan was to camp tonight at Gwithian. After a trek through heavy showers into Hayle, and the “intertidal” coast path:

decided I was done for the day rather than arrive Gwithian rather late. Found The Mad Hatter b&b, somewhat appropriately.

The forecast was correct, at 19:30 a clearing sky for the evening.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

6 thoughts on “Day 05 Zennor to Hayle”

  1. Gosh it does look very wet underfoot down there. I am sure that 18km is pretty respectable given the conditions. I see you have passed Cripplesease. There are some very interesting names in West Cornwall. Hope you get a better day tomorrow Cary.
    Nigel and Sue


    1. And another thing Cary. We now have a new SWOG membership form so you had better fill one in or you will be taken off the email list. Only kidding. Nigel

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The 3km of moorland thrash and bog took me about 2 hours, and the bridleway of 2km, probably took me about 1.5
    Everything else was easy 😁


  3. I thought you looked as though you should be delivering milk tray when I saw the photo in the hall. Now I’ve read what you had to travel through I’m sure you’ve a possible career opportunity


  4. What a tough day. Can’t believe you’ve managed to fit all that gear into such a small space. Hope tomorrow is more favourable. P&P

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

    Liked by 1 person

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