Day 06 Hayle to St. Agnes

30th March 2018

Weather: A frosty start. Sunny and cloudy, clear air. No rain.

Just before bed last night I realised that both my waterproofs AND rucksack were very muddy. I must have looked a right sight standing in the doorway of The Mad Hatter.

The frosted grass on the extensive sand dunes above Hayle made me wonder how it would have felt camping last night. Spot the keen camper!

The surfer dudes were already in the water by the time I reached the beach

where I swapped muddy boots for sandy ones

The long beach of St Ives, with hard sand allowed me to put on quite a pace.

I didn’t stop until Gillick rock, near Gwithian, where I spotted a dogfish

“Rhubarb the Collie” has her own Instagram page. She gets hot easily, so this is normal.

Several great views in quick succession on Godrevy peninsula. A great retrospective back along St Ives bay.

Then a look ahead to Godrevy Point

Around the next cove, basking seals

A very dramatic, if not readily photogenic, section of sea & seacliffs followed. The clifftop walking was all fairly level, mostly dry (apart from the buttery-chocolate sections). The weather was superb, all facilitating a good pace.

Carvannel Downs was the first of a few staircased rollers

A formation oddly entitled “Ralph’s cupboard”

Followed by Portreath, where I sat & munched, watching families & dogs play on the beach.

And the oddly similar Porthtowan just a couple of miles later

Some spoil heaps at Wheal Charlotte just before Chapel Porth

Chapel Porth had a very narrow beach entrance. My arrival was just before high tide, with some quite exciting white water (video deleted)

Bawdem Rocks, off St Agnes Head had been visible since Godrevy, so it felt special reaching it.

Especially as it meant I had “caught up” from the previous day.

After a stroll into town, finding a b&b and clocking up the day’s mileage

A superb day’s walking.

Rain tomorrow, but Sunday looks a bit concerning, with its yellow rain.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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