Day 08 Newquay to Mawgan Porth

1st April 2018

Weather: Overcast, with a cold wind.

A deliberately shorter walk today. I need a rest after two successive long days. The forecast afternoon rain focused my thoughts to finish before 2pm and avoid the “Yellow Rain”

So that’s pretty definite then. Both areas showing >=95% later afternoon & overnight.

Easing Monday, but slowly

No getting away from it:

Porth Beach is home to Trevelgue Head.

More Iron Age stuff unearthed by the same Victorian grave robber featured on Day04 (William Copeland Borlase)

Today, only Drone-age man occupies this prominent strategic position on Newquay Bay

The Head’s prominence & strategic position clear from further along

Lots of people were walking the cliff tops, including several family groups. The surfers were out in Watergate bay

The camera app refused to take photos for a while (encouraging thoughts of how to get it returned to seller whilst still needing it on this trip). A software update & reboot after taking a room at The Merrimoor Inn.

Not a bad view

The beach almost emptying of people once the rain took hold. I am impressed how the RNLI has had a van and lifeguard service on every large beach. Volunteers, I presume, standing in the cold in a wetsuit, occasionally barking orders through a loudspeaker. Just watching the Mawgan Porth one now moving the flags as the tide comes in.

The recorded distance today is too high. This is obvious from the track record bouncing all over the place around Porth Beach & Trevelgue

The distance is more likely to be 11km, including the Trevelgue Head detour.


The second major incident of the trip began a little before 5am this morning when this picture was taken. My host told me the story later.

Drunk driver hit a stationary car. After failing to restart the car, and a row with neighbours, just walked off.  The picture is the police removing the mess (it’s on a hospital access road)

The first incident? A heart attack victim laying on the road in Penzance. The paramedics had given up. Picture in my head only.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Day 08 Newquay to Mawgan Porth”

  1. Seems to be going well Cary. Good idea to have a bit of a rest though. Well done on the comprehensive blog entries. Parkrunners were asking after you yesterday, especially the Holloways…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Cary.
    It’s a shame you are encountering cold winds and yellow rain. Hope you are enjoying yourself and meeting friendly chatty people on your way. Very much enjoying your blogs and the great scenery of your photos. It looks fabulous. Enjoy the rest today. Happy Easter. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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