Day 09 Mawgan Porth to Rock

2nd April 2018

Weather: Overcast, very blustery, but warmer than yesterday. One brief shower.

Blustery winds & heavy rain overnight. I felt sorry for anyone who was camping.

The rain started again about 9:00. Getting ready to go 09.30, I decided I just had to dress for it & go. As soon as I left, the rain stopped.

Yesterday I gave my boots a good rinsing with a hose pipe. They started the day like this

On leaving the beach, I met father & young son Jake & Tobias. Big handshake & good wishes on my quest!

It wasn’t long until I saw my three favourite signs, for once in a row:

First up, to be honest I cannot remember which was which. This might be Carnewas Island with Pendarves Island & Bedrithan Steps behind

Bedruthan Steps & companions?

This is Diggory’s Island

The wind was blowing me to a standstill in places, as it swirled around after leaving the coves below.

Parkhead, below I nearly didn’t visit because of the wind.

Then some impressive cliff formations before Porthcothan beach

Then the mouth of the beach.

The rocks definitely giving more character against the sand at the Minnows Islands

There are tumuli all along the coast here. Just South of Treyarnon Bay, a series of ancient settlements, the remains as large mounds

Who would want to live in a place like this, right above high cliffs & near a beach?

(Just turn 180 degrees…)

and the beach is still popular too

I then cut East from Constantine Bay, across fields, omitting Trevose Head (in background here)

To Harlyn Bay

Then Newtrain Bay, where clearly someone has stolen all the sand

Then Trevone & muddy farmers fields & lanes

onto Padstow backstreets

Before reaching the busiest place I had been in for some days (Padstow harbour area)

Before boarding the ferry to Rock, a family group from London asked me where I was walking. For the third time today I explained & handed out my cards. I have hardly started, so feel people’s expression of admiration a little premature, but pleased that it seems to inspire people so much. It’s not been hard so far, but I do feel encouraged by people’s interest.

A walk around some golf course roads and muddy paths, to reach my hosts for tonight: Alan & Carole Waterworth (Kate H’s parents), who immediately offered a choice of beer, tea, wine & a shower in short order. After the latter, & wine, a good chilli con carne, to the accompanying rain outside. I am feeling fortunate in so many ways.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

One thought on “Day 09 Mawgan Porth to Rock”

  1. Oh dear, you seem to be delirious, or did you decide to do day 8 again?
    You just knew I’d have to point that out!
    Don’t you just love the mud Cary, wherever it is you seem to find it. You should contact the makers of the boots for sponsorship as you seem to be putting them through a thorough test.
    Waited up for the Blog last night but clearly the hospitality was too good to drag you away.

    Keep up the good work, we are hanging on your every word.



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