Day 10 Rock to Port Isaac

3rd April 2018

Weather: A mixed day of cloud & sunshine. Some wind but warmer.

The first recommendation from Alan & Carole was to buy a pastie for lunch from a local baker.

The second was to visit St Enodoc’s church on the golf course.

Brea hill, (Brea is Scottish for hill, so add it to the “River Avon” list) behind, capped with tumuli, as this coast is dotted with.

Daymer Bay also featuring Brea Hill as backdrop

In the top left you see a lad working on a sandcastle. I was impressed enough to ask for a picture (“he says it’s not finished”, said his Dad). Happy memories of sandcastle building with my kids.

Hayle Bay at Polzeath is clearly a surfers magnet

I got a little closer to video what they were up to, and had to retreat rapidly as the surf ran towards my feet (video deleted)

Quieter just around the corner, although plenty of walkers on the coast path.

This the view, from Pentire Point towards Rumps Point

and on the plaque:

Rumps Point is also known as The Serpent

..something I learned from Carole several hours after I had compared its shape with my lunch

After spending quite some time walking over Rumps Point & its Iron Age hill fort (is anyone counting?), a first sight of Lundy Bay

With a complex mix of rock arch, boulders & beach. A lovely out-of-the-way place

Looking back

Port Quin and Doyden Castle.

For the next few miles to Port Isaac, there were several long ups & downs, sometimes along staircases and accompanied by lots of mud. The hardest bit along Reedy Cliff

Finally Port Isaac came into view.


From the harbour:

Further along the coast Tintagel Head and big white domes apparently at Hartington Point ( not this picture)

Alan & Carole picked me up from a car park by the Stargazy Inn, but only after we worked out we were waiting at different car parks.

The plan is to recommence from here tomorrow to set out for Boscastle.

For now back to Rock for boots washing, clothes washing & a lovely meal. The service here is of the highest standard!

Writing this at 22:30, it’s blowy and pouring with rain. During the day rain clouds threatened & were clearly doing their stuff elsewhere: inland, North & South.

Exactly when did I make that Faustian bargain, and was it erased from my memory?


When does someone get a card with my mission & blog details? The conversation basically has this structure to reach stage 3:

1) Where are you going to?

Me: To {today’s destination}

2) Where to after that?

Me: To {next day’s destination} and further on.

3) Where are you finishing?

Me: Scotland … here’s my card


Within a couple of minutes of having thought that through I met a (German?) couple with teenage daughter clearly backpacking in the other direction. They started in Bude, had come from Port Isaac today (the first hint that this was going to take me longer than planned), going to Padstow & then being taken to Whitewater Bay. They only reached stage 2. I then started thinking about the Monty Python Holy Grail bridge sketch.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

One thought on “Day 10 Rock to Port Isaac”

  1. So your rucksack must be getting lighter as you dish out your cards. When you do Ireland – don’t give him ideas Owen – you know the conversation will be:-
    1) You’re not from round here are you.
    2) Where are you from?
    3) What are you doing here?
    And they will call you Kerry!

    Keep trekkin’ Bro’

    Liked by 1 person

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