Day 11 Port Isaac to Boscastle

4th April 2018

Weather: Sunny at first, but grey overcast most of the day. Cooled substantially when I reached the misty/foggy bits. A couple of wet squalls from 5pm

With many thanks to Alan & Carole for their wine, food, convivial chat, showers, bed for the last 2 nights. Not forgetting the washing & hearty meals, particularly the breakfast porridge. Skipper joined us for the group photo on the day of A&C’s wedding anniversary.

Carole drove me back to Port Isaac. The walk resuming with this view all along the coast to Tintagel Head.

In brief: the route had many ups & downs and today’s most overused words were “f**ing mud”

The cliff views were ‘wild Atlantic coast’, with sea-foam snaking across a calm-looking sea, yet still crashing on rocks.

Once close enough to see cliff-nesting birds.

The outstanding features were:

Dannon Chapel – remains of a building on an island, probably invisible from sea and mainland.

A 110m descent and 150m ascent before Tregardock Cliff & beach

Misty inland-facing

Tottering newborn lambs in the fields (a bit of a cold introduction to life for them)

This feature (forget name)

Then suddenly lots of people on Trebarwith Sand, and a fierce stepped-descent.

The spectacular columns that are the remnants of slate-quarrying.

I finally reached a very windy Tintagel Head.

Tempting as it was to stop for the night with a 4pm arrival in Tintagel, I pushed on to Boscastle, but the ups & downs, including Bossiney Haven,

“Rocky Valley”

and the interminable mud,

made the going slow. I started the day with a nagging right tendon, and forced myself to keep a slow steady pace not to antagonise it. “A marathon not a sprint”, and I calculated that I could afford to rest after every 6th day and still finish by 30th June. So a 9 hour day. Collected my parcel from Boscastle YH at 7pm,

but with no vacancies, around corner to the only person in the B&B tonight.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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