Day 12 Boscastle to Bude

5th April 2018

Weather: Sunny until early afternoon, when more cloud arrived with a cooler breeze.

A long day with many climbs and descents. The mud drying out in sunshine, but still lurking in sheltered spots.

Shortly on regaining the coast path next to sheer cliffs at Pentargon

I saw a man with a telephoto lens, and heard a shriek. I correctly inferred Peregrine falcons, and he pointed one out sitting only some 15m away. He said they were nesting two weeks late because of the cold.

Beeny Cliff followed with a 110m drop & 50m climb.

Followed shortly by another drop and climb

It rather went on in this manner. Here’s the view before Rusey Cliff, looking at the Daddy of the day High Cliff (180m ascent)

More, unavoidable, sucking mud

I continued greeting passers by with “Have you learned to love the mud yet?” One elicited a conversation with a local woman who regularly walked the coastal path. She had met the people who did Barney’s walk in 2015, ” A lovely couple”.

Before the headland of Cam Beak, with its spectacular rock layers

The beach before Crackington Haven also displaying these layers

A 45 minute break for Cornish pastie and garnish, with peppermint tea (breezy!) then it was a big up & down to then overlook Cleave Strand

Some violets along the path

Then down & up to Castle Point

Before looking at the ascent of Long Cliff

This abandoned Trig point at Dizzard

It was a short distance to Millock and a cliff with multiply-folded rock layers.

Next was Widemouth Bay. Looking North on approaching

Then looking South, from the other end at Lower Longbeak

Looking North towards Bude, the next bay includes a pinnacled rock on the beach

By now it’s well past 5pm, and the legs are saying “rest time matey”.

Well I promised them a day’s rest if they got me to Bude. By 7pm they were still at the task

Finally Bude Haven

Hotel booked for 2 nights, which supposedly means a lot of lying in bed on Friday, to make up for this ludicrously long day with huge total ascent

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Day 12 Boscastle to Bude”

  1. A day off because you really don’t want to leave Cornwall and all that mud!
    Enjoy your day off, go for a surf, better still put your feet up and start the first chapter of the book you just know you have to write!

    We still expect a blog update tomorrow night.

    Sleep well!


  2. That’s a big day’s walk. I know how up and down it is as we walked from Crackington to Bossiney a few years ago and that’s only about half of your walk. Good photos. Enjoy your rest day.
    Nigel and Sue

    Liked by 1 person

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