Rest Day in Bude

6th April 2018

Weather: Early sunshine became overcast grey, windy. The 50% chance of rain at midday manifested, very appropriately, as a half-hearted shower.

All Rest Day in Bude photos

Breakfast was in the Tennyson room (Alfred Lord T apparently once stayed before he was famous)

And very handsome-looking from the outside too. (Yes, it was cheaper than the Premier Inn)

Unlike the caked-mud-and-sand state of my boots,

which was attended to by a visit to the stream on Crooklets beach, and much hand-scrubbing.

An improvement

Families and surfers were out braving the greyness.

The Friday farmers market was in full swing.

With a 4-day streak of Cornish pastie for lunch: to make it 5 it has to be on the menu at Morewenstow Tea Rooms, my intended halfway stop tomorrow.

I am not expecting any food shops until Clovelly, day after tomorrow. With a stop at Elmscott ‘bunk barn’ tomorrow (possibly no internet) today’s slow-deliberation challenge was selecting 1 or 2 lunches, a breakfast and an evening meal, without over-buying.

A visit to Bude Castle built by Sir Goldsworthy Gurney, “Cornwall’s forgotten genius”, and may well deserve the title. According to the Castle display he discovered the steam jet, invented the Gurney steam carriage

(was bankrupted in competition with Stephenson), limelight, the Bude light, the Gurney stove (next pic) and sunk by Bazalgette and his dastardly cronies over London sewerage.

His enormous radiator I recall seeing, working, in Ely Cathedral in 1988. The welcoming guide, who seemed slightly impressed by my recognition, declined to be photographed with it. (Wish I had untucked my trousers)

The tendon (muscle?) niggle of two days ago seems OK. On a long stepped-ascent yesterday something went ‘zing’, a sharp pain. I am sure something microscopically interesting has happened: a tightness has been eased which made walking easier afterwards. No inflammation, only a slight tenderness, much mental relief until I looked up calf injury. I remembered the severe pain of my 1981 Achilles’ tendon injury, and feared a return.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Rest Day in Bude”

    1. The right boot appears to have a tiny leak ( I blame the Zennor to Hayle day & the gorse-thrash). Otherwise they are very comfortable & dry. Keeping the mud off should help the Goretex do its job. I want them to last all the way!

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