Day 13 Bude to Elmscott

7th April 2018

Weather: Rain until 13:00 of varying intensity, mist thick at times. Sunshine from 14.30.

Early Bude surfers out in the rain & grey.

Bude nestling among the low cliffs

From same point, looking other direction (Northwards)

The first upward slopes emerged as intimidating silhouettes, somehow magnifying the task ahead. This looking back from Steeple Point

Mist-navigation was by muddy path and ‘sea on the left’. I knew I was close to the white domes (seen from as far as Polzeath) on hearing the hum of electricity. Not that I could see them, when nearby.

They were just past Coombe, not at Hartland Point as previously stated (Day 10). After a plodge through standing water, the mist lifted a little & this looking back

A 13:00 lunch stop at Higher Sharpnose Point, blue sky appeared seaward. Views in both directions … yet more sea and cliff faces

Then down & up Tilde Shute (seemed the biggest today) shortly reaching a sign to Hawkers hut

“the smallest National Trust property” was perched on a great prospect.

Arriving at the Morwenstow tearoom,

I failed my 5th pastie streak, having fallen for the sight of the raspberry and coconut cake.

The church setting

and inside

unusual to see bell ropes

The old vicarage

Some signposts give information, others instructions, then there are this sort

Three big ones in a row after Morewenstow. From the top of Marsland cliff, looking at the next two:

but I cut out the middle ascent at Marsland Mouth, just after crossing into Devon, by walking across the rocky beach.

Looking back

Nabor Point

Elmscott hostel: a family, two young men walking Southbound who had clearly slipped in the mud, Maddy walking South. Each group clearly in separate dorms.

Right calf no problem today. In the last 2 miles, left knee complaining after taking some of the strain. In these situations I always recall Professor Barer’s first biochemistry lecture: there is always a rate-limiting step.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Day 13 Bude to Elmscott”

  1. Hawker’s hut was originally built of driftwood from wrecked ships by the local Morwenstow vicar, Robert Hawker as a place to contemplate. It is certainly a great spot. Congratulations on finally leaving Cornwall.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 2 weeks to do the first county, about 20 more to do means you’ll probably be home by Christmas!😁

    Forget Yorkshire, you are in God’s own county now.

    Take care,
    Middle Bro’

    Liked by 1 person

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