Day 14 Elmscott to Clovelly

8th April 2018

Weather: Sunny all day. Very warm in afternoon when sheltered from cool breeze.

Yesterday afternoon, I stepped off the hill onto a beach-access path. Dressed in black, wearing sunglasses, black rucksack, walking poles and a wide-brimmed hat. A small boy (age 3 max) stopped, pointed at me, turned back to face his parent, very loudly saying “Mummy- what’s that?”

Today “The man in black” walked again. It was hard not to think it was, at last, a Spring day.

View of Screda Point from Hartland Quay

Where I spoke with a friendly dog/walking local. She told me that “the local ladies” would be swimming in the bay on the opposite side at high tide. You could hear peals of bells from the nearby Stoke church.

A little further on, at Bleaberry Cliff, the local youth were gathered

At Hartland Point, the Northward-traveling coast suddenly turns a corner Eastbound.

There was a small cafe tucked behind the car park, where I stopped for a ciabatta. Before leaving the owner, after learning of the quest, took a photo to go on his website. Again: that admiring handshake offer, which still takes me by surprise.

The cliffs were less visible for some time, presumably steeper, with more woodland. For once, no sound of the sea.

I stopped for a rest, (eating a couple of Eccles cake sandwiches) and realised I was being watched.

by more than two eyes

I counted chaffinch, wagtail, sparrow and robin.

I tried a close-up of this, but failed

Before the last stretch into Clovelly, a couple of big ups & downs. Fields with pheasants running into the hedgerows as I approached.

Here down to Mouthmill beach

Then onto wooded stony lanes (a relief after some long stretches of the dreaded muddy channels): with flowers and butterflies.

A random pagoda

Detail of the carving

Squirrels in parkland, completing the feeling of a Spring day.

Finally reaching the cobblestone streets of Clovelly (no cars allowed the delivery sledges are donkey-hauled)

Pedestrians only

and not far to the cheapest B&B so far (Rock excepted)

The balcony view from my room

A delightful day. I need a few more of these to dry out Exmoor befomt arrival

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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