Day 15 Clovelly to Bideford

9th April 2018

Weather: Sunshine to start, clouding over gradually until overcast by 13:00 Rain from 17:20

Before breakfast I took a walk downhill to Clovelly harbour.

of course, I had to walk back up again. Hardly anyone about.

The coast path walk from Clovelly is along The “Hobby Drive – a 3 mile long paved drive which was devised by Sir James Hamlyn Williams and his wife and became their all consuming hobby between 1811 and 1829.” Source

It contours high up on the cliffs, surrounded by woodland, a marked contrast to the character of the West-facing coast path on the peninsula.

and notably mud-free

“Mud” is such an inadequate word to describe its many manifestations. Just after leaving Hartland Point yesterday, two young women told me of “mud fun ahead”. I had seen so much recently I assumed there was nothing I couldn’t cope with. But after a couple of long stretches of water and slop-filled trenches that pass for footpath around here, I climbed under some barbed wire & fled into an adjacent field.

Here a view from The Hobby near Eastacott.

Much of today’s walking was lined with large hornbeam (?) trees,

With rare seaward views

The route ends with a downhill into Bucks Mills

notable for hosting another rarity

A couple of big ups & downs and the cliffs became lower & more shore became visible. Here from Cockington cliff:

and looking back from Cornborough cliff, near Bideford.

Bees nesting, woodpecker noise, birdsong, the wash of waves on large pebbles.

Yellow rain forecast again.

Bah! Thought for a moment there that things were improving,

I decided to photograph one of the many plastic-collected-from-beach caches I have observed since Perran sands.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Day 15 Clovelly to Bideford”

  1. Morning Cary,
    Off in the Tarka trail today? Might be muddy to start with but a fairly even path so not much elevation. Could be very windy along the estuary but plenty of wildlife to look out for through the rain!

    I expect a thesis on “England: The land of mud” exploring it’s consistency, colour and texture is planned?

    Keep plodding, we’re right behind you – about 2 weeks behind!

    Victor M


  2. We stayed in one of the cottages at Bucks Mills years ago and remember the Hobby Drive. Great photos. Hope it dries up soon.
    Nigel and Sue


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