Day 18 Challacombe to Exford

12th April 2018

Weather: Misty all day, no rain, cold wind in places. Occasional brightness when mist eased, before thickening again.

An extended bog trot across Exmoor in the mist. Slow going until last quarter of the day when harder tracks & roads. Any good views obscured. What else can be said?

Was it you making that noise at 3am?

Just outside Challacombe. Some lambs with little jackets on

which ends up as yet more plastic litter

Early Sun battling it out with the mist

Trees as strange blurry shapes emerging from mist

Taken from the top of Woodbarrow. At 480m this should have been the day’s summit viewpoint

Pinkery Pond

The bog trot (by which I mean picking carefully between pools of mud, water and sedge-islands) occasionally relieved by walking along tops of banked earth/wall, but not usually for long.

Exe Head, which I assume means ‘source of the River Exe’

Watershed walking is nth-degree mud

More wall walking

This was where things speeded up

Walled lanes with ancient-looking laid beech hedge. All the moss is because the mist condenses on the branches & drips.

A very decorous hostel in Exford, for which you have to check in at the hotel across the bridge.

Very lively inside this evening. A cyclist turned up later on.

The right boot is definitely leaking a lot, the left a little. Wet right yesterday and today. Changed into a right waterproof sock from about 11:00. No chance of getting them cleaned, dried and reproofed.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Day 18 Challacombe to Exford”

  1. What a muddy day! Weather improving dramatically next week. No more thermals and the mud may temporarily dry up. Get your sun cream and hat ready. 🌞


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