Day 19 Exford to Roadwater

13th April 2018

Weather: Light mist, cloudy. No rain, little wind. Cool, not cold.

After a brief return to moorland, most of the day on rolling green farmland and tracks. A sheepish day.

Waterproof socks on both feet to begin, I marched briskly uphill out of Exford. Somehow the 250m ascent seemed so easy: all that Cornish Coast path training, with the help of last night’s pasta.

A slight distraction from objective: the wall underlying the ubiquitous hedging, revealed by animal-passing

A slightly soggy ascent on heather moorland to reach Great Rowbarrow (saw a couple of Exmoor ponies) then firmer, drier path to Little Rowbarrow, here looking towards Dunkery Beacon freshly emerged from cloud:

Before reaching the Beacon, had quite a long chat with Dalmation-dog walker. He walked all 49(?) old county summits – now there’s another challenge!

No stunning vista to the sea from the beacon (I’m sure the 5 departing DoE backpacking young people were equally impressed) – all obscured by cloud & mist.

Downwards into Mansley Coombe and a shift in scenery to green-grass fields, rolling hills and woods.

Met a group of four walking “The Coleridge Way” who declared me the first walker seen in four days.

Streams and muddy patches to cross

I could feel the coolness of the water in my right boot

A lunch stop gave opportunity to view this

There were drier walled lanes too

And then sheep-country. Many bleating at me loudly

I realised I was following The Coleridge way (hence the quill)

Lype Hill was a delight. Fast walking, a good panorama of surrounding hills. Did not make good photos- mostly distant silhouettes in the mist. Dunkery Beacon stood out prominently.

I later deliberately modified my route following the CW down, what turned out to be, a hard-surfaced lane. This to avoid a route towards Churchtown & a walk through Church wood I suspected to be another muddy trek.

Another valley view towards Pooltown. Buzzards either here or previous similar valleys.

There should be a law against doing this on a bridleway. Completely impassable on foot without wearing stilts.

Here’s a plant-identification section. Which of these is ‘restharrow’?

And finally, heading towards Langridge Wood on the run down into Roadwater.

I did say it had been a sheepish day

Crown Estate. A woodpecker in there somewhere.

Community book exchange

Landlord at The Valiant Soldier

told me I was the first LEJOG he has had this year. (I didn’t tell him, he just asked). He sees about 12-15 small groups or individuals per year.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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