Bridgwater rest day

15th April 2018

Weather: Rain for most of day. Some sunny intervals 3-5 pm

Eat, sleep, repeat.

What more do you expect after a 40km walk?

Intrigued by the identity of a new blog-follower Gastrodamus.

Bought food.

First gear modification: some crocs (weight unknown) that will replace the lighter, but less resilient ‘hotel slippers’.

Planning some gear shuffling after a package from home in Chepstow.

Washed walking boots with a hose, smothered in Nikwax waterproofing (bought from Millets in town centre 10 min before closing). Stuffed with newspaper (bought Sunday Times especially as the most voluminous) but no chance of drying out.

From a bridge (A38) in Bridgwater

The modern shopping centre was depressing, with its standard set of shops (two Poundland stores) but the EDF display-shop suggested a happy walk

I have been staying at The Admiral Blake Guest House. A quirky place “a home from home” as introduced, very sociable. Many ‘contractors’ staying here. It has a kitchen, great to cook some fresh veg for dinner. Room & showers OK.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

One thought on “Bridgwater rest day”

  1. Judging by the length of the previous entry we guessed correctly that you were ‘resting’ today! Long may such rest days continue.


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