Day 21 Bridgwater to Street

16th April 2018

Weather: Cloudy with sunny spells until about 14:30 then clearer but windy. Clouded over 18:00

A significant amount of road walking at the start, to avoid the sogginess of Somerset Level fields. Views across flatness and drainage ditches to nearby small hills and further away big ones.

I learned that Bridgwater has no “e”. Explains why the Met Office weather app only offered me Bridgewater in Canada.

I wondered about subtitling the blog “The man who walked through mud”, a gross trivialisation of Jackie’s “The Woman Who Walked Through Fear

Blackthorn in blossom you could smell. Buzzards and crows: latter mobbing the former. Crows larking about together as well.

Starting out, the boots had almost dried. The road walking actually finished the job.

First along the reed-banked river/estuary, it wasn’t long before the M5 flyover appeared.

Surprisingly this scene about 150m away from motorway (behind the trees you see)

First crossing of M5 (next will be at Bristol). A marvel of civil engineering

Much marching along narrow, but quiet, roads on the Levels besides drainage ditches. Great skyscapes

The route’s first instruction to cross a field towards Sutton Mallet

but I retreated back to the road as the water gradually deepened

Some higher contours were on offer shortly afterwards on Pit Hill

hedgerows attempting to blossom blackthorn

This minimal information made me carry on through Greinton

With this as a reward

Some low-flying practice

higher contours approaching with Walton Hill

The view from the mill, SW

and towards the pimple of Glastonbury Tor (North: should be there tomorrow)

Looking SE from Walton Hill summit

Not marked on OS maps is the footpath between Walton Hill and Street, courtesy of the National Trust. Thank goodness – the nearby road was fast & busy

At 5pm, Street YHA, I understood why there was “no availability” for beds the next couple of weeks.

It was closed. I had been hoping to camp, so moved on to an Airbnb in Street.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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