Day 24 Blagdon to Bristol (Clifton)

19th April 2018

Weather: Sunny and hot. Occasional breeze

All the flowers seemed to come out today. In a lane the sunlight reflecting from hundreds of little flies. Deep buzzing drone of fat bees. Wild garlic smell.

Bristol-wow! I got this far! A little concerned that I was going to be late, but made it in time to wash, shave, change & get to my ‘dinner date’ with Rowena (daughter). She is enjoying studying, the student life & preparation for her Malawi volunteering trip. (Easy to tell by her enthusiastic chatter!)

Tired tonight after 9 hours and 30km walk in the heat.

If you have been feeling sorry for me about the cold weather, it’s today’s heat I have found far more challenging. Mad dogs and Englishmen might go out in the midday sun, but at 13:30 this one lay down in the shade for 30 minutes looking up at bees in the blackthorn blossom, birds singing & hum of something man-made in the distance. Drank the last of the morning’s 1.5 litres of water. At Winford I repeated the trick of helping myself to more from someone’s outside tap. Lifesaver.

Mud drying out quite a lot, but streams & shaded places still quite a trial.

Blossom above Blagdon

Washing dangling off the pack

Blagdon lake

Hazel Manor drive

In grassy areas

Heading into Compton Wood: grass scattered with anemones

Wild garlic in the wood (merciful shade)

A shaded lane

Looking back at the Mendip Hills from Chew Valley

Chew Valley lake

Up the hill at Babylon

A muddy byway

The church tower at Winford

More plant identification

A view towards Bristol ( I could make out the Telford bridge at Dudry

Yet more mud to negotiate at Riding Wood

Gateway to Ashton Court

Balloons over Bristol

Finally, the iconic Bristol bridge


Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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