Day 24 Blagdon to Bristol (Clifton)

19th April 2018

Weather: Sunny and hot. Occasional breeze

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All the flowers seemed to come out today. In a lane the sunlight reflecting from hundreds of little flies. Deep buzzing drone of fat bees. Wild garlic smell.

Bristol-wow! I got this far! A little concerned that I was going to be late, but made it in time to wash, shave, change & get to my ‘dinner date’ with Rowena (daughter). She is enjoying studying, the student life & preparation for her Malawi volunteering trip. (Easy to tell by her enthusiastic chatter!)

Tired tonight after 9 hours and 30km walk in the heat.

If you have been feeling sorry for me about the cold weather, it’s today’s heat I have found far more challenging. Mad dogs and Englishmen might go out in the midday sun, but at 13:30 this one lay down in the shade for 30 minutes looking up at bees in the blackthorn blossom, birds singing & hum of something man-made in the distance. Drank the last of the morning’s 1.5 litres of water. At Winford I repeated the trick of helping myself to more from someone’s outside tap. Lifesaver.

Mud drying out quite a lot, but streams & shaded places still quite a trial.

Blossom above Blagdon

Washing dangling off the pack

Blagdon lake

Hazel Manor drive

In grassy areas

Heading into Compton Wood: grass scattered with anemones

Wild garlic in the wood (merciful shade)

A shaded lane

Looking back at the Mendip Hills from Chew Valley

Chew Valley lake

Up the hill at Babylon

A muddy byway

The church tower at Winford

More plant identification

A view towards Bristol ( I could make out the Telford bridge at Dudry

Yet more mud to negotiate at Riding Wood

Gateway to Ashton Court

Balloons over Bristol

Finally, the iconic Bristol bridge


Day 24 track on ViewRanger

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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