Day 27 Monmouth to Pandy

23rd April 2018

Weather: Cloudy, a few brief sunny spells. Cool.

Grassy pastures and rolling hills were today’s prominent features.

This was the section I had been planning to walk with Owen before the Chepstow rest day changed things. Arguably a better day today to show off for scenic views of border rolling hills and distant Black Mountains. Sheep, cattle & horses in fields: each with young. Yellow-flowered green pastures (only dandelions, but this garden pest was at its peak display of beauty.). Even a couple of picturesque churches, cute cottages and a castle ruin. Met a couple going in the other direction, said that the route from Hay to Pandy was superb (high route)

There were a couple of path diversions that spoiled this idea of perfection. The first advisory suggested a bridleway that petered out on the ground, and attempting to follow it with GPS sent me on a bramble-tangle that ended in an impossible wall of vegetation. The second a 2-mile roadwalk.

The final descent into Pandy, even with dark, clouded skies, was a very pretty scene. The air was clear and higher peaks stood out.

Saying goodbye to Owen after breakfast, he videoed me setting out boldly in the wrong direction. After a turnabout, I encountered a summary of the day ahead

The (entirely untrustworthy) diversion map

The bridleway route (blue arrows) took me to this point

The forest track was longer, but navigable & eventually gave some distant views

The next piece of bridleway didn’t start off very promisingly


All that faffing took me about 2 hours to cover little more than 5km, but the day improved afterwards. I seemed to be walking towards this skyline for the rest of the day


Llanfihangel Ystum Llewern church (“obviously” I hear you say)

Another diversion “don’t try to be clever this time- just walk up the road”

To White Castle (big!)

And many vistas like this for the rest of the day

Anyone for a wobbly bridge?

This was definitely clever marketing at the top of a stiff climb

Llangattock Lingoed church (white-painted exterior, note)

With some distinct treasures including medieval wall paintings

A carved beam

close up

(and a few more not shown here)

The final vista above Pandy

and a few degrees to the right

Staying at the Old Pandy Inn, in the bustling bunkhouse

Lively, as I am used to by now on this trip

the pub doesn’t appear to mind, or is maybe obliged, to advertise its hygiene rating

Distance exaggerated by some poor woodland reception, and the need to backtrack a couple of times today

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Day 27 Monmouth to Pandy”

  1. Hi Cary i’ve just started following you properly at Day 27. I can’t wait for you to do the next stage and get into Herefordshire. I love that part of the country and looking forward to seeing your photos in the Spring.
    Hope you are going to do some cider tasting whilst you are there and look out for Fidget Pies – bacon or ham and apple deliciousness. Pippa

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lunch Time and St. George’s Day and no sight of any Dandelion Pickers. Is the tradition of making Wine from these Beautiful Wild Flowers (although a Gardener’s Nightmare) a Dying Art?
    Another long day for you Cary but looks as if you enjoyed it in spite of the diversions.
    So now it’s brambles not mud. M & D


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