Day 30 Kington to Knighton

26th April 2018

Weather: Cloudy start, increasing sunshine as day progressed. Cold wind on exposed tops.

A relatively easy day with panoramic views over the Hereford & Powys countryside.

The clear air when upon Rushock Hill started another day of grand panoramic views. Behind Great Malvern SEwards I can only assume was the long Cotswold escarpment. Further North – the Wrekin.

At last some “real” Offa’s Dyke ditches and mounds to walk along that continued for long enough distances to be convincing. Many sections were overgrown with trees, or, alternatively, beaten into a grassy landscape and occupied by sleeping sheep.

An easy day of 14 miles. With 30 days gone, but not yet one-third of the distance covered. I think I have some long days ahead to regain a workable average. The forecast is dire for Friday (heavy rain), so discretion being the better part of valour, I shall take another rest.

Rushock Hill looking towards Great Malvern

Attempted panorama shot

“Real Offa’s Dyke”

North to Harpton

Looking up to Herrock Hill Common

Knill/Nash/Presteigne valley. NE from Herrock Hill path. Beautiful

NW Evanjobb

My favourite lunch: fruitcake sandwich

Looking NNE towards Hawthorn Hill near Dolley Green – the straight line of trees down the hill, foreground left, marks Offa’s Dyke.

These have been a feature of the last few days

Looking NW to Whitton

Just past summit of Hawthorn Hill, looking North, Offa’s Dyke just a mound of grass

contemplation at second lunch

Mature trees on Offa’s Dyke

Knighton hidden in the valley



Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Day 30 Kington to Knighton”

  1. Great scenery Cary! This day was the first one I thought I could join you on, purely on the original date you set. I had no idea of the terrain but clearly a great one!

    Late blog posting? Do you realise how many people are waiting to go to bed after their bedtime story from the “Brother Grimm”? Name no reflection on you I might add, just fitted.



  2. Well done Cary, and enjoy your rest day (poor excuse, sunny in Manchester!).
    Hoping to track you down after 8 May after we return from Sunny Mallorca. Hope you can keep going until then!
    How’s the tent BTW?


    1. The tent is having an easy ride, I must say. The groundsheet is in regular use, as a lunchtime mat.
      I know you’re fibbing about Manchester btw, but it would be good to meet up.
      Any idea on the orchid pictured on Chepstow to Monmouth day?


      1. If I can squint through the reflections on the screen from the blinding sunshine, I think I can see some Toothwort here. Could you fax some to me for my toothache?

        Liked by 1 person

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