Knighton rest day

27th April 2018

Weather: It rained a lot. Turned cold this evening.

Stayed in bed too much (have backache), reading, clothes washing, writing this overlong blog entry. Everyone except Owen is exempt from reading further.

On the basis of yesterday’s forecast I decided, last night, to stay put.


The forecast had changed a little by this morning

but the difference between getting 95% or 90% soaked didn’t coax me otherwise. In fact it stopped raining around 15:00. Would I have done a late-day walk?

50% tomorrow and maybe worse later

but I am so looking forward to the renewed mud and puddles… I have an ambitious early-start plan for tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes once I reach Craven Arms.

The ambitious plan included being in Broseley Sunday to collect my Post Restante parcel (printed maps etc). So I phoned to remind them of the promise that Sunday would be OK ( it’s also a Spar shop). I was told it has been returned to sender. I sent a complaint to Royal Mail that the PR web page on Post Office website misleads consumers and is not understood by their staff. Will have to rely on electronic maps for a while.

Finding a ladies’ watch yesterday. I guessed it might be Joanne’s. I found where they were staying and left a message. After the typical confusion of voicemail and failed callbacks, the two were reunited.

Lunchtime Clock Tower tea shop: an older couple engaged in lively banter over a crossword. Clearly a regular thing- they really seemed to be enjoying life!

Visited the Offa’s Dyke Centre, which had a concise, informative display of Offa’s Dyke history, including:

Planting of trees on Offa’s Dyke seems to have been a tradition in recent history but is now forbidden…”.

I thought yesterday that the trees on one section seemed to be of the same (old) age, with no succession, so that explains it. The Offa’s Dyke section above Tintern used to be walked on, but was diverted to prevent erosion. The price of popularity.

The Knighton “Museum” seemed obsessed with wartime and Civil Defence memorabilia. Then there were the following items which tells me it’s time for me to join the exhibits.

Well, I suppose smartphones will be museum exhibits in 30 years time. (Neural implants, retinal-projection)

==== Kit obsession corner====

Belatedly, a list of joiners & leavers, originating with a parcel sent to Chepstow. When the returns parcel arrived home, Clara’s keenness to investigate the mystery was disappointed by “it smelled of onions”. “Warning unwashed kit” is going to be a useful deterrent-label in future

Arrived: Second pair of black Ron Hill tracksters (210 g); second pair of “Kalengi” thin black gloves (30 g); pair of “Higear” gloves with mitt-pullover (50 g); (290g total)

Departed: RAB merino long johns (120 g); “Nosi life” trousers (285 g); “stop wind” gloves (100g); clip-on iPhone lenses (unknown, estimate 50g); thin black balaclava (35g); chest-strap on rucksack (unknown, est 50g, I cut it off, useless thing dangling). I also cut off the loops from both Ron’s (4*5g say), as all they do is drag in the mud or catch brambles. (660g est total)

Also added : two microfibre tea-towels (50g each?). Having tested them out, they dry me well and dry out quickly, making them far better than the expensive, light, but ultimately useless microtowel (50g) which is now garbaged.

The HiGear gloves are next on the bin-list. When wet they ooze black dye, and the stitching came undone on index finger first day of wearing. The two pairs of light gloves may do for taking turns when soaked.

Weight balance since leaving home:

+326g (crocs weighed in Uttoxeter)

-320g item swaps

Significant, but consider the daily variance in food: a fruitcake is 400g; I usually carry 1l to 1.5l water ie 1000 to 1500g.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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