Day 31 Knighton to Wilderhope Manor

28th April 2018

Weather: Cloudy until 11. Sunshine until 14:00, clouded over & short shower 15:30. Cloud diminished, late evening sunshine. Cold.

Set out 06:05, finished 19:55. So I saw the day change from morning mist to sunny afternoon and clear air. A lot of walking in the woods, two ups & downs this morning. Very muddy in places where many people had passed on foot & bike. After Craven Arms to Strefford a muddy upward slope onto Wenlock Edge, then 10 miles of fairly level walking through coppiced woodland along Wenlock Edge to Wilderhope. Muddy in places the only thing slowing a fast pace. The trees now coming into leaf in a bright green.

I was pleased to reach Craven Arms at the earlier end of my 2-3pm estimate. I stopped for a meal and bought food & water, on way again at 3pm.

If I had reached Roman Bank at 8pm or later I was going to camp. I got there 7pm so carried on to Wilderhope Manor YHA. A huge, spacious dorm, with wonky wooden floors, just 3 occupants.

The forecast had improved overnight and the rest of the day looked the same

After Knighton museum, more oddities were no surprise. The notice on the door of this “shop” announced the proprietor was unlikely to be in

Every town should have one:

real men wanted

The lone commuter from Knighton left on the 06:15 to Shrewsbury, and I headed to the woods in the grey morning

Then open fields

a haul uphill to Holloway Rocks (I thought of Andy, Kate & co “but that would be Holloways Rock”), where I looked back to Knighton

On the other side, the next hills lined up

Maps are funny things. “Vron” you might have assumed was a village. It was a small farm, isolated by a long 4WD track (very deep rocky ruts). You would have to drive under this

Reiki for horses anyone?

Here were some customers anyway

Hopton Castle is clearly rather upmarket (don’t think I would choose yellow)

but pretty

The castle was built as a house in imitation of the Landlord’s own, probably on the site of a Norman Motte & Bailey

It featured in the Civil War

Looking back over Hopton and the hill I had descended

St Cuthbert’s at Clungunford

Above the gable you can see a cheerful Cuthbert, I presume


After quite a walk along a road, an overgrown entrance to a path led to a series of challenges from running water to many fallen trees.

but also this delight

Craven Arms, nestling under Wenlock Edge

Before that, Stokesay Castle

Much to my relief it had all visitor conveniences

It was still 10 miles from Craven Arms to Wilderhope. First a short stretch by the river to Stretford, looking up at Wenlock Edge. The sky had darkened again, and there was a brief rain shower.

Finally the Edge beckoning me up into the trees

Steep and very muddy at first, then a wide path

Finally levelling out and narrowing

Coppiced woods with bluebells and anemones

At 17:15, the question “could I make it before dark?”

Out of the woods, a view to the East, and exposed to the rather cold Easterly wind.

and a common spotted, I believe

The evening sky cast some interesting colours on hills and cloud

Finally Wilderhope Manor gifted to the National Trust by the Cadburys on condition it be used as a Youth Hostel

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

3 thoughts on “Day 31 Knighton to Wilderhope Manor”

  1. Good thing you got food in Craven Arms as I seem to remember Wilderhope Manor is far from any other habitation. It’s a lovely place to stay though. Well done for your marathon walk.


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