Day 32 Wilderhope Manor to Coalport

29th April 2018

Weather: Cloudy all day. A few drips of rain early on. Cold.

More tracks in the trees. I abandoned the intended route as too muddy & descended to the old railway line. An ascent to get a view from Ippiken Rock. Into Much Wenlock where little seemed to be happening. Descent to Ironbridge Gorge, along another old railway line to Coalport.

For once, a lively hostel at breakfast. It is a weekend, after all

View from the foot of Wenlock Edge to NW and the “Stretton skyline”, which I have fond memories of walking.

The track (not muddy!)

Views from Ippikin Rock


If you wondered what I meant about the GPS track inaccuracies leading to those odd maximum speed figures, here’s an example. I assure you I did not run up & down 50m within a few seconds

The cold weather is holding back swathes of garlic flowers

More museum pieces outside Much Wenlock


The Guildhall, church etc in centre

this fine specimen grazing nearby


Downs Mill

A place where old Agas go

Walking along Offa’s Dyke, signposts were common, making route finding easy. Until Craven Arms this was harder, now I am largely following the Shropshire Way

Sheep attack

Large cooling towers through the trees on descending towards Ironbridge Gorge

and here’s the iconic bridge, with scaffolding and covers for restoration work.

View from the Iron bridge

If you have never visited Ironbridge museums, you are missing a treat

Iron Bridge, again shrouded, from other side

Another railway walk

Passing a church in Jackfield, I stopped to listen to a brass band practising “Jerusalem” inside.


Bottle kilns at the China museum.

The hostel is next door. A couple and the person I am sharing a dorm with (Desmond), and a party of teenage school children. I had to ask for the teenagers’ loud music to be turned off which started at bedtime.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Day 32 Wilderhope Manor to Coalport”

  1. Did someone take offence to my comments last night? They were there last night but gone today!

    How are you avoiding the rain? We’ve had it all weekend and it was supposed to be with you too!

    Hope it keeps off for you.



    1. Just see the Forecast for Monday. You’re in for a treat!
      No comments of yours removed. “Are you sure you hit the return key sir?”


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