Day 35 Abbots Bromley to Uttoxeter

2nd May 2018

Weather: “Rain before 7 fine by 11”. Sunshine only late afternoon

Heavy rain overnight and a very wet morning turned lanes and some fields into paddling pools.

My left foot has been troubling me for a few days, so a good excuse for an early finish by 11:15, with lunch in the first shop in Uttoxeter that turned out to be Waitrose. So I just had to buy more of their fab rich fruit cake. Lost the bottom section of one pole (knew it was going to go)

Leaving AB in the rain

Learning a lot about modern agricultural methods first hand (and foot)

Heavy skies, long wet grass,

muddy fields and wet lanes

Some stiles poorly maintained and others just impassable

This was the biggest trial today though

A cushy afternoon

I didn’t make an error on “two lunches day”. It seems that an hour’s pause forces a new track.

Here’s the continuity/shopping track

Gear obsession corner

Posted the Higear mitts home (50g) and weighed the crocs on the Post Office balance

Weight balance since leaving home:

+326g (crocs)

-370g item swaps

Should I get as far as the Scotland highlands section, I am going to take on cooking gear 365g + 220g gas canister = 585g

Is it worth it?

Gear I could send home:

Black Patagonia Long sleeve top 220g

Pair of “Rons” 210g, but would need shorts for when I need to wash the Rons

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Day 35 Abbots Bromley to Uttoxeter”

    1. Not blisters. I have decided it’s a metatarsal injury. Nothing that a few weeks not walking wouldn’t cure.


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