Day 36 Uttoxeter to Alstonefield

3rd May 2018

Weather: Cloudy with sunny spells. Still surprisingly cold out of sun. Clouded over 4pm

From the side of the busy A50, the old “Dove Bridge” was visible. Passing under A50, its full glory could be appreciated

Dove valley was very wide and flat at this point. The fields had quite a lot of standing water, so this morning’s dried boots were soon wet again, so on with waterproof socks once more.

Approaching Rocester, it’s JCB factory country. “Keep Off” notices on their executive retreats, the big JCB school academy and people wearing JCB logos on clothing. Very Stepford I thought.

Doveleys Manor Park was notable for its manicured dandelion meadows

I am getting used to being pursued by the locals wherever I go

The view of Stanton rising from the plain only available due to a wrong turn

At this point I wondered whether to extend the error and follow the Limestone Way (more ascent), or descend to risk wetter conditions in the wooded valley below. Deciding on the woods, the very boggy ground and many fallen trees really did slow me down.

The Limestone Way would have been quicker, but there were bluebells to compensate

I stopped at the Dog & Partridge in Swinscoe for a pint of lime & soda. I was out of water & topped up.

Shortly after leaving, the view to Thorpe cloud & Ilam valley opened out. Getting closer:

Then a walk along one of the most popular parts of the Peak District, Dovedale. I was passing through after 5pm, so there were few people about. There will be a few more over the forthcoming Bank Holiday weekend.

To Milldale, greeted by a cat,

and a sharp uphill to Alstonefield to end the day with a viewpoint to the upper Dove valley

Only the second night of camping (Martin will be pleased)

The food in The George was anything but roughing it – by far the best meal I have had the whole trip.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

6 thoughts on “Day 36 Uttoxeter to Alstonefield”

  1. We are still”watching” your every move!
    Love Dovedale to Milldale, if I could I would join you. Back at work these last 9 days has been totally different to before I spent a whole day walking with you. Now becoming good at daydreaming and wishing I was elsewhere!
    Is that a pint of Marston’s? Well deserved!

    Middle Bro’


    1. I see it’s only a half pint! I’ll buy you the other half when you finish!(the walk).
      Time is an hour out on here!



  2. Well done!
    Now your challenge is to camp AND prepare your own meal! I suspect that could be some way off…


  3. Dad says be wary of those Locals, they may only be youngsters but can get frisky and gang up on you. They are very inquisitive animals. Also be wary of Mothers with calves they can be as dangerous as their male counterparts. You are progressing very well and like Owen following you every step of the way and enjoying it. Mum


    1. There was a second lot, bigger and it was scarier. I had to stop to try & shoo them away. I know you mustn’t run (tried that before- they can run too)


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