Day 37 Alstonefield to Youlgreave

4th May 2018

Weather: Grey clouds and cool until sun started breaking through about 3pm. Sunny, warm evening

Had a “lie in” in the tent until 8am. Took me an hour to get up & pack, but by 9am was sitting outside the George pub having a breakfast of cake, bread & nuts. At about 9:10, Sue S (a Parkrun friend) arrived in a taxi from Youlgreave (having driven from Urmston that morning!). Significantly, kit-wise, she brought me a replacement walking pole from home.

We had a great day of varied walking terrain: limestone dales, the edge of a couple of busy roads, farm tracks, grassy fields, old railway line. There were a few doses of mud to deal with: some particularly awkward patches where grass, sedge, huge lumps of earth all surrounded by water (Rowland Brook). But most memorable, probably the point in the middle of Gratton Dale where a spring gushed water & some bubbles. Shortly after, the brook filled the lane at a gate, looking impassable. A very cheerful chap passed us (“trying out my new knee”) & showed us the route. I, contrarily put on the crocs & waded. The water was rather cold, numbing the ache in my left foot, suggesting a future remedy. The final stretch into Youlgreave alongside Bradford dams, picturesque to the end.

We chatted all the way, of course. A delightful way to spend the day, in enthusiastic company, thanks Sue.

Looking Iron Tors direction

A few minutes later, down in the dale

Orchid of the day

The babbling brook

Sue goes the sensible way

Taking the crocs for a cold bath

Negotiating the tricky stuff much easier with two poles.

Bradford dams

Youlgreave YHA. A chap stopped me on the street and told me he was now 70 & remembered going into the shop as a lad & buying nails that were weighed & put into a paper bag.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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