Day 38 Youlgreave to Hathersage

5th May 2018

Weather: Sunny, blue skies. Very warm by late afternoon.

What a joyous, beautiful day!

After dropping down to the Lathkill valley, then up & down to the Wye valley, then up through the Haddon Estate: Coming out of the woods I could see the Curbar and Froggatt edges in the distance and knew I was in for a great day. Coming down into the Chatsworth estate, one of my favourite Peak District walks (the gritstone edges of Baslow, Curbar and Froggatt) beckoned. First through the Chatsworth estate: there were hundreds of cars sparkling in the Chatsworth car park, and the presence of marques blocked the typical view across to the chateau as I walked along the valley-bottom footpath.

Baslow, and a steep, long walk up to Baslow Edge, great views along the edges & the valley below. I walked here, just a few weeks ago, on a “training walk” with Paul, Pam & Pete H. Today I spoke with an adventurous retired couple who spend the winter abroad in places like India. He is off paragliding tomorrow!

Down into Grindleford I met with Penny & my Mum at 15:15. After hugs, peppermint tea, strawberries, raspberries, maps and … a change of boots… it was a hot walk along the river floodplain to Hathersage.

I am headed up to North Lees to camp tonight.

Crossing Lathkill

Manners wood looking towards Bakewell

the edges in the distance from Calton pastures


Heading to Edensor

Edensor church

On the edge

With teddies

Looking back from Froggatt

Stanage edge visible ahead (tomorrow)

Hi Mum

Hi Penny

Boots swap over

I didn’t record the track today to see what effect it had on power consumption. Answer: significant.

This was the planned long track via Longshawe Estate, Higger Tor.

The shorter variant I took to reach Grindleford for the family rendezvous. About 3km less and much less ascent.

Start time: 08:10 arriving Hathersage 18:10, after a 1h 45m stop in Grindleford at community cafe to meet Mum and Penny

Posted the above from the Little John in Hathersage while eating. Set off again for North Lees campsite 19:50, arriving 20:30. Put up tent, showered, in bed 21:40.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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