An indefinite pause

7th and 8th May 2018


After a shower & eating I treated both my feet to a cold soaking. Examining my left foot, the ball and three middle toes have some swelling, are numb with some tingling. That explains it hurting less during the day, but not in a good way.

Next morning: a little better, but numb tingling suggests a longer rest is necessary, probably a week minimum.

This puts a 30th June finish out of reach. At just short of 600 miles, I haven’t managed to get as far as Charles II on the run, but I bet he used a horse for some of it.

My physical fitness otherwise is excellent. A rest will shrink those hard-won leg muscles, so picking up where I left off will be tough!

I have some Munros to finish this year & need a good foot to be able to do so. Replanning of this trip required.

So I am now home. The cats don’t care.

Owen will probably appreciate this next picture more than other readers (we had a River Colne in our home village in Hertfordshire)

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

7 thoughts on “An indefinite pause”

  1. Ah well, time to take a break – I won’t have to go so far to see you in the morning, and Sue says she knew you wouldn’t want to miss Book Club!


  2. Hi Cary. Really sorry you have been forced to rest. Getting to Marsden in one go is still a big achievement. Hope Mike and I didn’t put a curse on your walk. I was amazed to read your latest blog just after seeing you yesterday in good spirits. On the positive, you will be able to fill in your SWOG membership form now. And then you can make a start with all those jobs around the house that were pending. We will miss the Blog.
    Nigel and Sue

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  3. Cary, the best of luck with the recovery. It is always a brave decision as to know when to rest up rather than plod on. I look forward to your updates when you are back on your feet. (bad pun!)

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  4. Hi Cary

    It’s a real shame you’ve had to pause after getting all this way but you should be proud of what you have already achieved. I know I wouldn’t have got as far as Marsden!

    Nigel and I both enjoyed our day with you yesterday although it was a little hot for a long walk. Judith and I will miss reading your blog each day.


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  5. 600 miles! That is amazing. Have thoroughly enjoyed and been inspired by reading your blog. Rest up and look forward to reading more in due course. Amazing achievement!

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