Day 40 Langsett to Marsden

7th May 2018

Weather: Sunny all day. Warm from early morning. A hot afternoon.

Woke about 5:30, but dried out tent and packed up leisurely. Was down at the cafe in Langsett for 8:15, but owner said he was off to buy “emergency ice cream”, so no chance of an early breakfast. I sat reading the Apsley Cherry Garrard biography in the shade.

Nigel and Mike arrived just before 9am, warm greetings all round, then we each ordered breakfast, missing a great photo opportunity as we chatted on through the eating of it. Began walking at 9:45 through woods, tracks such as Trans-Pennine trail (lots of cyclists) to Dunford bridge. Then it was effectively a Reservoirs trail, with views to Holmfirth and beyond. Talking merrily about Stockbridge vibration dampers, bat fences, other world phenomena and wondering what the brick tower Huddersfield-way was. It was great to have company again, and left foot seemed much better. Nigel a great spotter of birds: from nuthatch to mistle thrush to swallow.

It was rather too hot for walking by mid afternoon & we saw a few young men looking as if they were swimming in the reservoirs. After a cold drink in Holme we said goodbye and I set off on moorland below Black Hill, and the moors above the Wessendon valley. Following the route suggested in the End to End Trail, I walked a high level route above the Pennine Way/ Kirklees Way on Marsden Moor and Binn Moor. The route of a gas pipeline (?), old water conduit, railway? A series of stone bridges in varying stages of collapse.

At a sign stating “Marsden Moor Heritage Trail” I thought of the history of this post-industrial town & the people who had lived there. Maybe something to do with catching the conversation of a woman walking along with an older man who had a collie: about the regular fog in the valley “but you must be up in the cloud more often”.

It was a glorious evening to be there high above the town. There was a slightly cooling breeze. The path level, soft underfoot.

Photographs of the shadowed, slightly hazy views towards Marsden were hampered by facing the sun late in the day, the retrospectives were brightly lit with evening shadows.

Simply put: I felt elated and grateful to be there.

A steep descent into Marsden and I was back to people enjoying the park in the evening, outside the pub drinking, and noisy cars (young men, several in a car, yelling racial abuse at another group in a car who set off in pursuit, yelling back, zooming up the road)

On the Trans Pennine trail with Nigel and Mike

Dunsop Bridge, on Peak District boundary

Winscar reservoir

Harden quarries area (choose a path, any will do)

View to Holmfirth

Dobb Dike

Last cool valley before Holme (a few people in the water below)

A welcome iced drink

Issues Road looking towards Black Hill

Marsden clough

Black Hill from Wessenden Head

Wessenden Head reservoir overspill

High on the conduit road looking South East into Wessenden

If it doesn’t mean “gas”, then what?

Looking North West

Crazy bridges

Black Edge/ Binn Edge above Marsden

Black Edge looking NE

On the descent into Marsden

Evening bowls in Marsden

Started 09:45, finished 19:50

The above was the planned route, the only difference in the actual route, was taking a descent Northwards via Colne Valley Circular Walk instead of down to the weirs,

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

One thought on “Day 40 Langsett to Marsden”

  1. Hi Cary,
    I enjoyed our walk with you yesterday through Yorkshire foothills previously unknown to me. The stone tower we noted in the distance from several view points is the Victoria Tower on Castle Hill above Huddersfield. Built to commemorate QueenVictorias 60 years as monarch, it is 106 feet high making the top exactly 1000 feet above sea level. The hill top also has the site of an iron age fort and other remains including a pub, apparently demolished after the owners breached planning laws.
    It was rather warm in the afternoon and those cold drinks at the pub were very welcome. Good luck.

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