Back in the saddle

14th May 2018

Weather: Too nice to be staying at home

The green grass (mowed yesterday), and red tree, of home:

A visit to NHS minor injuries unit reassured me there was no fracture (wish I had taken a photo of the X-Ray image). Gardening, shopping, cooking, some family meals, and quite a lot of sleeping last week has refreshed my energy levels. The warm sunny weather says “the Pennine Way is going to be rather good in this”, and the foot, while not 100%, is substantially recovered and feels OK. I am ready for “back in the boots”

Clothes washed, boots cleaned I am rather keen to be off and planning to restart from Marsden tomorrow (15th May)

Essential kit update (two iPod shuffles)

I was contacted by the walker of Kat’s Big Walk telling me she was 4 days behind me until I stopped. Looking at her itinerary: I was reminded that there is a ‘new’ John O’Groats trail along the East Coast North of Inverness. Andy Robinson had pointed this out after I had already finished my itinerary.

I have now considered more options (not wanting to finish after 30th June), and hoping to complete the spreadsheet planning, routes & map printing tonight (all that time wasted on failed home-made gnocchi tonight)

1: From Spean Bridge: taking the Great Glen Way and JOG Trail should take a few days less than the original planned route.

2: Stop at Kilsyth or Callander for this year & do a Munro-bagging trip of three outstanding (Meall Ghaordiadh; Ben More, Mull; Ben Sgulaird)

* Both options leaving the more challenging backpacking expedition across glens & Flow County from Spean Bridge to Keiss as an adventure for May 2019.

Kit obsession corner:


Fixed-prongs USB charger plug (40g); Black Patagonia long-sleeved top (220g); Dexshell waterproof socks (150g)

Total: -410g


Folding prongs USB charger plug (65g); green iPod shuffle, (LOTR, Under Milk Wood loaded) & charger lead (50g); purple iPod shuffle (15g), music loaded; Sealskinz waterproof socks (115g); midge head-net and bag (20g)

Total: +265g

Net: -145g

I tested the waterproof socks by putting my hands inside and holding them underwater in the sink. Surprisingly a pair of my “old” Sealskinz I thought were no longer proof passed the test (I have 2 pairs so maybe it’s the other pair that leak)

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

7 thoughts on “Back in the saddle”

  1. Go for it Cary. I’m very much regretting not being on the TGO Challenge. The forecast looks good. Have a great time and try to get lots of rest.


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