Day 41 Marsden to Hebden Bridge

15th May 2018

Weather: Sunshine and blue sky. Comfortably warm

A busy commuter Tram into Victoria, then train to Marsden, set of walking 9.30. A sunlit panorama over Marsden I felt a thrill to be back on the hills.

Cirrus cloud and vapour trails in a slightly milky blue sky on the big open moorland. All mostly dry underfoot. A skylark close by, and curlews later. Pale blue butterflies by a reservoir. The roar of the M62 reminded me of a madder, busier world. Walking from South to North, walking across West-East valleys, so an up & down day.

The lambs were younger here (high moorland prone to April snow) and there was a second flowering of dandelions alongside their gone-to-seed predecessors.

Another panorama from Great Manshead hill: East towards Rippondon and distant Halifax; West to a horizon accumulating clouds, with the Stoodley Pike ridge prominent. From Cragg Vale I had to resist the temptation to walk to that magnificent ridge & a photo opportunity of Stoodley Pike and was rewarded by the green views from Bell House and Errington moors. Listening to Jimmy Hendrix, (“all along the watchtower”, very appropriate) Pink Floyd, Genesis. A balcony walk above the valley before a steep descent into Hebden Bridge.

Both feet twingeing a bit today. Taking it carefully.

Panorama back to Marsden

More moor

Above the Madness62

Skies above Booth Moor

Painted on the breezeblock wall: “Footpath” and an arrow

A pylon moot

Great Manshead Hill approach

From the summit looking NorthWest

This bit of farmland had discarded tractors, farm equipment, trailers, mounds of plastic and even a discarded farm building (which looked the prettiest by far)

Cragg Vale: a beautiful green valley

The worst stile ever:

Looking back at Cragg Vale

Broadhead Clough from Erringdon Moor

Hebden Bridge

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

2 thoughts on “Day 41 Marsden to Hebden Bridge”

  1. Good luck with your journey . Have loved reading about your adventure on the tram on the way to work .
    Some challenging walks to come but it will be worth it .
    Anne , Boots Opticians , Sale .

    Liked by 1 person

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