Day 42 Hebden Bridge to Icornshaw

16th May 2018

Thanks to everyone who has sent me good wishes by comment, text, email on the resumption of the walk. It buoys me up!

Weather: Grey skies until 13:00, sunny with little fluffy clouds from 15:00. A cold wind across the high points.

A morning’s walk in the woods, then a day of marching across vast open moorland. Delightful! More skylarks than yesterday, a plover.

Approaching Ickornshaw: a line of home-made sheds down the hill. All with barrels of rainwater, chimneys, shuttered windows. I wondered if these were the fabled rhubarb sheds of Yorkshire, except I am pretty sure I was in Lancashire.

Pleased to have finished the day before 17:30 after an 8:15 start. After a hint by Austin I found Kat’s daily blog (a little hidden from the start page) – impressive.

Looking South, probably Charlestown below, with Stoodley Pike clearly visible.

Ruined church at Heptonstall

Approaching the tree-filled Hebden Dale

After taking a downwards path too soon to the West bank, where no path was marked on the map, I was pleased to see:

Gibson Mill. A very popular place at weekends (I have visited before)

Retrospective view South to Hebden Dale from Walshaw

Walshaw reservoirs where I joined the Pennine Way

Which is paved across the soggy peat as far as Top Withins

The literary pilgrimage site



Ponder Reservoir with Oakworth Moor behind

Wolf stones edge, Pendle Hill behind (took me a while to work it out)

Cat stones, Ickornshaw Moor looking North

Three sheds in this shot …

Tonight’s rest stop is Squirrel Wood campsite

A bit of a trek into Cowling to get breakfast in a shop and tonight’s meal in the Harlequin, but not disappointed.

Fresh veg!

Jam roly-poly & custard!

I recorded the route until I met the Pennine Way, then followed PW waymarks

Went further than original plan (Stanbury) because I started at Hebden Bridge, (instead of a Westward diversion to Mankinholes that cut off about 2 miles)

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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