Day 50 Dufton to Alston

24th May 2018

Weather: Blue sky & sunshine all day. No wind in valleys, but a strong wind on the fell.

In Dufton: swallows flying in the morning sunshine; birdsong; a rabbit on the green. Walking on the country lanes I could have cried with delight at the sublime beauty of the hills on a spring morning with hawthorn in bloom. A lamb stood in a field watching me, it’s breath condensing in the cool ground air. A few minutes later a hillside dawn chorus, of bleating sheep.

A walk through tree-shaded lane before a long ascent alongside Swindale Beck (dry for quite a way up) until The Heights: a strong wind. Slightly misted views across Eden Valley to Lakeland Fells.

I met Keith Greenwood, from Kendal, at the summit of Cross Fell informing me it is the highest point on the Pennines. He called the Easterly wind “The Helm Wind” & said there was still snow up there 4 weeks ago.

I sat at the huge stone shelter for 30 minutes eating, admiring the extensive view across Eden Valley, during which another 5 people arrived: two Australian walkers, two runners and a young woman, who a couple of hours later introduced herself as Selina from Blackburn. She has talked with others I have met en route. One extended family…

But a long walk of several miles along a stony track across open Moor before Garrigill. Another village of houses clustered around a green space, similar to Dufton. It then became a lot warmer. A riverside walk, ending as the day had begun in a tree-lined lane.

A day’s rest tomorrow.

Tree-shaded lane

Stone Bridge at Cosca Hill, probably Brownber Hill behind

Above Swindale and the Eden Valley

Cross Fell plateau from Little Dun Fell

Greg’s hut, a mountain bothy (I did have a snoop inside), Skirwith Fell, looking North

Alstone Moor about 1 mile from Garrigill

Riverside between Garrigill and Alston

Started Dufton 07:20, arrived Alston 18:00 – a 30 minute stop on Cross Fell as well as a few shorter rest-stops.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

4 thoughts on “Day 50 Dufton to Alston”

  1. Glorious. Glad your foot holding up and you’re benefiting from beautiful weather. Goodness knows you deserve it after the start you had. Look out for red squirrels!


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