Day 53 Bellingham to Byrness

28th May 2018

Weather: Cloudy with sunny spells. Warm, cooling breeze

A sunny morning, and a pretty panorama above the Bellingham/North Tyne valley.

There’s an “alternative” Pennine Way Route early on. I took it to avoid a short climb and small distance. This is only to be recommended to those who enjoy walking rough ground and undefined paths. In wet conditions this would be very boggy. Not worth it!

Jack & Rod (the Top Withins pair) caught me shortly after. Then the Australians I first met on Cross Fell, now named as John & Megan. The reunions were completed later on the forest track by meeting Selina and then Andy, still with his huge rucksack. Apparently Louis is arriving at Bellingham tomorrow. The Forest Inn lodge run a pick-up & drop-off service to Windy Gyle, so people walking the PW can split the trip to Kirk Yetholm. In this way I finally got to meet Kat! (Doing LEJOG). We shared mud-memories and our delight at the amazing weather this month.

In the “Bunk house”: really just another house where upstairs rooms have carpeted single beds in. A room on my own. Jack, his wife, Rod in one room, Val in another. Selina came over from main house for tea & chat with all. Quite the luxury apart from a cold shower, someone forgot to turn the hot water on.

Bellingham and the North Tyne Valley

Jack leading us all the wrong way, briefly. “Don’t put that on the blog” he said.

A moor full of heather, would be amazing in August

Jack & Rod heading towards Whitley Pike

This would normally be serious peaty squidge

Shown on map as forested, the left hand side has been clear-felled. I wonder if the wind-knockdowns was caused by the PW corridor allowing an eddy over the tops of the other trees, or happened after the clear-fell (if so why leave those ones?)

A long stretch of forestry track (Jack and Rod on the track. I hadn’t spotted Selina sitting when I took the photo)

riverside near Cottonshopeburnfooot (what a name!)

Say hello to Kat

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

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