Day 55 Jedburgh to Melrose

30th May 2018

Weather: Overcast, fog on hills above 300m for most of day. Cool but humid. Light rain 15:00-16:00.

Airbnb has certainly taken me to some quirky places. Only cats for company last night & this morning.

Foot report: it has been improving gradually. Pain in arch gone, less frequent stabs in ball of foot. Which points a finger of blame at the previous boots.

For the first time this trip I wasn’t looking forward to the walk when I woke up. In the end it wasn’t too bad: following “St Cuthbert’s Way” to Newtown St Boswells, coincided with Dere Street at first: great stretches of straight track, mostly bordered by trees. A rather humid and cool day, needing a fleece when stopped.

Then alongside the River Tweed which looked, at 1:50k, to be a simple riverside walk. In reality with many short ups and downs to navigate steep banks.

By the river, a very “busy” patch of swiftly flying birds, then realised they were nesting in burrows just below me- probably sand martins.

A cafe/bookshop tempted me to stay for over an hour in St Boswells, during which it started raining.

The descended mist put me off following Cuthbert over the Eildon Hills, (but also because I was getting a bit knackered), so ended up following the Border Abbeys Way into Melrose by way of a disused road.

A comfy b&b and, after two successive long walks, a day off I think.

Morning view from “Mount Ulston” looking towards the Waterloo monument. An hour later the monument top was in cloud.

Cuthbert and River Teviot

A wooden suspension bridge. Very bouncy at my normal pace (needs some Stockbridge dampers)

Tree ent, obviously

Garlic flowering profusely

Ancient Roman Road passing through woods

Ancient Roman road, carving a very straight line

Seems the wrong time of year, but quite a specimen

Maxton kirk

Riverside walking, sort of

Very wide River Tweed. Jumping fish

Tweed from above: look at the mist

I fluffed saving the ViewRanger track with the proper name.

Author: Walklizard

May your feet stay dry as you walk through the bog. May your face be unblemished as you walk in the sunshine.

One thought on “Day 55 Jedburgh to Melrose”

  1. So your hosts at the cats b&b, did they serve breakfast.
    Meowsli and grilled mouse rashers!!!
    Glad the foot is improving. Enjoy your day of rest, you are doing well but still along trek ahead, take care.


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